OSHA Fall Protection Compliance

Do you have a Fall Protection Program as required by OSHA?

* * * Virginia OSHA Law Update * * *

OSHA now requires your company to have a custom Fall Protection Program and trained employees.†

  1. This law applies to every VA company that works 6′ or more off the ground.
  2. Your employees must be trained.
  3. You must have a custom written Fall Protection Program and Fall Protection Plan.

Save thousands of $$$ using the training DVD and custom Fall Protection Program we provide you. The Fall Protection Compliance Bundle provides everything to the right! Fast, Simple & Affordable.

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Why is this Required? Fall Protection is the #1 OSHA violation.  Over 10,000 people are killed every year as a result of falls… and 200,000 to 300,000 people are disabled. 85% of all falls that occur on the job result in “lost work time”.

FACT: More than $11,000,000 in fines were issued last year.  Don’t be one of the next.

WOW!! Only $178! ($62 off + Free S&H through March 23) coupon= SAFETY

Not sure if you need a Fall Protection Program or the Fall Protection Compliance Bundle?

If any of the conditions below apply to your company, you must have a Fall Protection Program (FPP).  The FPP and employee DVD are two of the 30+ items included in the Fall Protection Compliance Bundle.

  • You/Your crew works or walks on surfaces over 6’ in height in construction;
  • You/Your crew works or walks on surfaces over 4’ in height in general industry;
  • You/Your crew uses vertical ladders without cages over 24 feet; and
  • You/Your crew works above dangerous equipment, regardless of the height;
  • You/Your crew works on forms or steel reinforcing over 6’ in height;
  • You/Your crew works on scaffolding over 10’ in height;
  • You/Your crew works in an articulating and/or telescoping boom lifts and bucket trucks.

If your company works in any of these situations, fall arrest systems MUST be used and your employees MUST be trained on proper safety procedures.

Our Fall Protection Employee Training DVD covers each required topic to ensure your employees understand the law.

You, the employer, are required by OSHA law to train each employee in the following areas.  Use the DVD included in the Fall Protection Compliance Bundle to help your train your employees about:

  • Fall hazards in the work area
  • Procedures for erecting, maintaining, disassembling, and inspecting the fall protection systems
  • Use and operation of guardrail systems, personal fall arrest systems, safety net systems, warning line systems, safety monitoring systems, controlled access zones, and any other fall protection that employees will use

OSHA regulation 1926.503 Fall Protection Training Program, defines the training requirements a company must provide to protect employees from fall hazards.  The training program must teach employees how to recognize the hazards of falling and train them in the safe work practices to minimize these hazards.

Our Fall Protection Compliance Bundle is the most affordable and convenient way to implement in-house safety training. The program features a 30-minute DVD video training and disc-based training materials, allowing your employees to complete training via computer, in a classroom, or on the job site.

You receive nearly 50 Fall Protection resource items to ensure you and your crew are properly trained.  Each of the items to the right are included in your purchase of the Fall Protection Compliance Bundle.

  • Drastically reduce training costs with reusable, in-house program
  • Increase productivity by reducing training and travel time investment
  • Satisfy OSHA requirements efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Access your documentation on the included CD

Save time and money and know that your crew are properly trained.  Get the Fall Protection Compliance Bundle.

See the full list of items included in the Fall Protection Compliance Bundle on the right of the page.


OSHA Fall Protection Training

We take the guesswork and frustration out of OSHA Fall Protection Compliance by providing you the tools and resources you need to train your employees.  The included Fall Protection Training DVD and quiz’s ensure that your employees understand fall protection safety.  All files including the Fall Protection Program and Fall Protection Plan can be edited by you. Train your employees yourself and save money!  Use the Fall Protection DVD or the PowerPoint presentation and notes to conduct your own training.  Use the Certificates of Completion as proof that your employees have completed the required training. The Resource CD includes more than 50 fall protection resources including jobsite and equipment inspection logs that should be used for documentation.

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OSHA Fall Protection Program

OSHA Fall Protection Compliance Bundle

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†If your company works in any of these situations, you must have a Fall Protection Program your employees MUST be trained on proper safety procedures.  The Fall Protection Program (FPP) is one of the many items included in the compliance bundle.

OSHA Fall Protection Compliance Bundle - Small

Fall Protection Compliance Bundle includes 30+ items:

  • FREE BONUS: Training DVD (30 min.)
  • FREE BONUS: Spanish Training Video †
  • Fall Protection Program
  • Fall Protection Plan
  • Site Rescue PlanNEW
  • Training PowerPoint w/Notes – NEW
  • Training OutlineNEW for 2015
  • Certification Form
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Participant Worksheet & Quiz (Eng & Esp†)
  • Weekly Safety Meetings Topics (12)
  • QuickStart Checklist
  • Training MaterialNEW
  • Answer KeyNEW
  • Training Documentation Form
  • Training Evaluation Form
  • Training Record FormNEW
  • Employee Fall Accident Reporting Log
  • Fall Hazard Analysis Form
  • Harness Inspection Log
  • Lanyard Inspection log
  • OSHA Fall Protection Resources
  • Fall Protection Compatibility Guide
  • Fall Protection Requirements for Const.
  • Fall Protection Standard 1926 Subpart M
  • Wallet Cards
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

NOTE: All resources are digital files that you can edit & print as many times as needed. Other places charge $200+ for each revision/copy. †† The Spanish version of the training video, quiz, and worksheet are provided as a free bonus download to all customers.

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The DVD you include with the bundle makes it very easy for my guys to understand.  Not to mention the money I save by training them myself using the instructions.  Highly recommended!!

-Davidson Contractors

Wasn’t sure how good this would be since the price is lower than other places but you hit it out of the park and included everything we need.  Me and my men learned stuff that could have got us in trouble so thank you.

-D&L Roofing & Siding

I really like that I can edit the files myself since most places we looked at did not do this.  The video is good and is much easier to understand than asking everyone to read.

-Adam's Construction Services

Bought from them before and it was a good experience so we got this.  This was the easiest option for us to have a program and plan for each site we are on.  The other stuff you include makes this worth much more money.

-Jackson's Steel & Piping